Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 1 Clean the Table

Audrey's little sister is 18 months old this month. That is close to the age Audrey was when she started helping in the kitchen. I thought I might show some of the ways we used to help Audrey, and now Maurene, become a good helper in the kitchen. The easiest beginning is to let your child help clean the table. I have a bottle containing a mixture of 1 part cleaner to 5 or 6 parts water. I let the girls have the spray bottle and a clean rag. They do not do a perfect job but I usually end up with plenty of liquid on the table to allow me to finish the job quickly. Here is a video of Audrey recently:

And her sister, Maurene.

The girls really enjoy helping and that allows me to get a little work done while they are busy. Even now Audrey usually likes to help. I invite you to let your little one to help clean the table. Post pictures on Facebook so we can see their proud faces.


  1. how cute... it is great to include your children in this, my mother always did with me, but i was shocked when i went to university to find that many people had never even boiled an egg or done any hoovering before.

  2. I have learned that most of the famous cooks spent time in the kitchen from the time they were little. My mother did not like cooking so I did not learn much from her. I hope Audrey and Maurene leave home feeling like they can feed themselves well.

  3. I learnt many recipes from my Mother as she is the best cook.Kids are too cute and sweet!!!Love them

  4. This is such a CUTE blog! :) I love the cleaning photos!


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