Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rainbow Kit Winner!

I did not make a lot of noise and post around the Internet that we were doing another giveaway. So we did not end up with very many entries this time. We are always happy for any support and love the readers we have. Maybe we can do another big giveaway in the new year.
The winner of this wonderful Rainbow Kit from Today I Ate  Rainbow is... Becky! Congrats Becky!

Her children will be able to track their consumption of fruits and vegetables by color, making sure they eat healthy every day. Audrey loves her kit and always talks about making sure we have enough colorful foods so that she can eat her rainbow. Every time we shop she asks about a rainbow and it makes me stop and think about which colors we are low on and in need of purchasing. I really cannot say enough about this wonderful product. Check out he link above to get more information.

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