Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 11 Crock Pot Yogurt

That is right, yogurt made the easy way. I love feeding my girls homemade yogurt but found the traditional process a little time consuming. Once I found this Crock Pot Yogurt recipe from the fabulous Crock Pot 365 website I was sold. In her book, Make It Fast Cook It Slow, Stephanie adds flavors so I believe we will try that next.
This recipe is so easy to prepare and never fails. The old way was always fraught with failed yogurt that we tried to use up in baking. Audrey and I have made yogurt in the crock pot countless times and have yet to have a failure. I recommend you try it and see what you think. They girls love it and I love knowing exactly what they are eating.


  1. Audrey, Project Supermom has picked you as one of the best and has given you an award! Come see me at http://projectsupermom.blogspot.com to pick it up. Thanks for fun and interesting reads...I enjoy them so much!

  2. And I love getting about 70 oz of yogurt for a couple of bucks! :)


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