Saturday, October 2, 2010

October 2 Applesauce

Audrey and I have been enjoying the fruits of late summer. Literally. We made it to the Kaw Valley Farm tour today and the girls had a great time. One of the highlights was apple picking. Maurene picked up the apples that had just fallen and Audrey asked me to pick her up so she could reach the apples in the tree. We got carried away and ended up bringing home almost 20lbs of apples. With that many apples there is no way we can eat them all. Applesauce is the best thing to make with our bounty. The best thing about making applesauce is you need nothing other than a big pot and some water. With our local, organic apples we will make a wonderful, tasty treat. These will make great gifts, canned and stored for the upcoming holiday season.

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