Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 18 Muffin Tin Monday

I hope it is alright with everyone that we are showing up for Muffin Tin Monday a little late. I wanted to include this post because Audrey had so much fun making it. We were driving home and debating what to have for dinner. I suggested homemade pizza and Audrey suggested we have rainbows. Both sounded good so we started on the pizza:
Then, while it was baking, I pulled out ingredients for a good rainbow. Audrey asked where the Muffin Tin Mondays were (her name for the trays we use) and so I had to get those out for serving. She carefully filled her and her sister's trays with all of the colors.

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth


  1. Aw, great rainbow MTM!

    My daughter's name is Audrey, too! She's not a toddler any more, turned 13 in April.

  2. She did an awesome job. Homemade pizza sounds great!


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