Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cupcakes in a Jar

How fun are cupcakes? Everyone loves them; at least I think so. We found an adorable website with the instructions for Cupcakes in Mason Jars. Audrey loves to make cupcakes. I decided not to worry about making the batter from scratch and get straight to the baking.

Cupcakes in a Jar

  • Baking mix
  • Icing
  • Food coloring
  • Sprinkles
  • 12 half-pint mason jars
Mix batter. Fill 24 cupcake tins. You want the cupcakes to be small so do not overfill the tins. Bake. Cool. Mix icing with food color of choice. Put icing in a zip top bag. Place one cupcake in each jar. Snip the edge of the icing bag and pipe icing on top of each cupcake. Add a second cupcake to the jar. Put more icing on top. Add sprinkles. Place lids on top. If you are creative you can add cute things to the jar. Visit the website to see what she did. 

Audrey's Tasks:
  1. Make mix
  2. Fill cupcake tins
  3. Mix icing
  4. Put cupcake in jar
  5. Pipe icing on top
  6. Add sprinkles
Mom's Tasks:
  1. Gather ingredients
  2. Help mix
  3. Bake cupcakes
  4. Help pipe icing
The website where we got the idea from stated that the jars had been safely shipped. We plan to send a few of ours to relatives. Enjoy! With some Halloween sprinkles in the cabinet we thought orange frosted cupcakes would be in order. Closer to the holidays we will make more of these to send to a few relatives we do not get to spend time with this year. This was a trial run to see how it would go. Great!

Start by mixing

Fill the tins

Watch them bake

And decorate!


  1. I love how they are looking in the oven to see what happens. Too cute!! Thanks for sharing these recipes.


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