Monday, October 11, 2010

Fun Friends!

We were spotlighted by the Redhead Riter as a Rockin' Friend! It is wonderful to get the recognition. She has a great community at The Blog Frog and I love to keep up with posts (when I have free time, or sleepless nights). She and her community have been great supporters recently so it is just another reminder to me why I enjoy this  community so much when I read her spotlight of Audrey and the blog. Her Rockin' Friends are a great group of people who have been very supportive recently. Please check them out to see what I mean. And become a follower of Red's blog as she does some great community building along with her writing.
Rockin' Friends


  1. Audrey, congratulation! You are surely the cutest and most adoable cook I ever have seen. You handle a whole chicken better then I do! Wish you a wonderful week in the spotlight!


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