Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 7 Marketing

They use it to get your children to want sugary cereal and fruit snacks in the shape of cartoons. You should use it too. I have found that food presented in it's normal state might barely get a glance while the same food cut into the shape of a flower or star will at least get a taste.

  • My friend Libby purchased fun shaped cookie cutters and was able to get her son to eat cheese for the first time in a long while. 
  • Audrey likes to make Salad on a Stick and will actually eat what normally would end up in the trash. 
  • There are many websites devoted to Bento meals that really do a good job of marketing meals to children.
  • On Mondays I have Audrey shop for and pick out foods for Muffin Tin Monday. Both girls love eating out of the tins and eat more than if I have put the same food on a regular plate.
These are just a few points on  marketing that I know work for us. What have you done to have  make food more fun for your child?


  1. Such a great idea! I found your blog through BlogFrog and I'm so glad i did! Can't wait to do some more reading! :-)


  2. you know that B&C love cookie cutter shapes. And if all else fails we try a toothpick. I have forgotten that lately so it will be good to try it again with Charlie. All he ate of his lunch today was carrots. Tonight is waffles, but I may put the pears on toothpicks!

  3. Oh... and don't forget to arrange the food in a fun shape on the plate. If it looks like a face or an animal it is more likely to be eaten :)


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