Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 5 Strawberry Mixed Greens Salad

Nutrition is a tough subject around Audrey's house. Her daddy works a lot; is in the Air National Guard; and decided to take Organic Chemistry this semester. I take care of the girls, the house, her daddy, and more. Along with those duties I also help out at the office. We tend to be too busy to remember to buy food. One of the ways I make sure we always have something good to eat is to keep the ingredients for our favorite strawberry mixed greens salad on hand. Audrey has made it so often she knows what to do without being told. She loves to cut the strawberries, tear the lettuce, and distribute the toppings. This was the first thing she ever learned to make. It is so simple and tasty. Even Audrey's picky daddy likes this salad. When I am busy with dinner Audrey can make this simple side dish. Usually most of the strawberries make it into the salad. Most of them.

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