Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eating Rainbows

Recently Audrey received a Rainbow Kit from Today I Ate a Rainbow. It has changed the way we look at eating. Before we received our Rainbow Kit I would try to figure out what fruits and vegetables I could get the children to eat. I would provide several choices at lunch and dinner. The choices were always the same and it was hit and miss. I never knew what they were eating or if I was providing the recommended five a day. Enter the rainbows. We shop for and eat a rainbow of colors in fruits and vegetables. Now each day I can look at Audrey's Rainbow Chart to see if she has had a healthy selection of fruits and vegetables. Here is a picture of the kit and they offer free shipping in North America!

Copywrite Today I Ate a Rainbow

Better than my ability to track her progress is Audrey's interest in eating a rainbow herself. She loves to hop down from her chair and move her magnet after she has consumed a particular color. On several occasions she has eaten food just to be able to move her magnets. One day in particular she did not want to eat anything. After I told her that her sister would be allowed to move a magnet because she had consumed a color, Audrey promptly ate that color food. She moved her magnet and then proceeded to eat the entire meal because she wanted to finish her rainbow. I have started to offer several if not all of the five colors on the rainbow chart at lunch and dinner. This way I know they have a good selection of food. Also, they have started to try new foods because they are part of the rainbow. Audrey still has not expanded much beyond her favorite fruits but she is trying foods I offer her.

Another great part of this adventure is Audrey's love of shopping for rainbows. She will help me pick out fruits and vegetables in the colors we need when we are at the store. This has become a fun task that she looks forward to. We read the adorable book about the Rainbow Bunch that comes with the kit and we talk about the new foods they are eating. At the store we look for those foods. I never thought something so easy would be so helpful. This kit is truly a great tool for learning about and striving for good nutrition. It has changed our entire family! We also love to pass along our new eating tips to friends and family. Audrey is going to have a Rainbow Party with her friends on September 22nd. We will be sure to share pictures.

So cute
Fruit all in a row
Different fruits
She loves to buy rainbows

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  1. Happy WFLW! My girls love "eating the rainbow"..they always giggle when they say it. The tins and boxes look wonderful :)


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