Saturday, September 25, 2010

September 24 Be Snack Ready

The girls and I like to go places. We pack a bag with diapers, drinks, and snacks and hit the road. Some times these trips are planned but other times we decide to go last minute. Our snacks keep us full when we are out past lunch or during snack time. They keep us from stopping at a fast food restaurant to purchase expensive and nutritionally questionable food. I purchased a few small containers for snacks when the girls were very young and try to keep a few in the refrigerator and pantry. These containers also work well for mornings when mom wants to sleep in a few extra minutes but a certain toddler is ready for her day. She knows where to look for her milk cup and some fruit. If I know I will want to sleep in I will prepare a small container of cereal as well. Endless possibilities, endless help.

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