Saturday, September 25, 2010

September 23 Pack Lunch

One of the things we do well around here is lunch. We participate in Muffin Tin Monday and we have started to link up with What's for Lunch Wednesday. On other days we enjoy a nice Rainbow lunch. All of these websites, people, and link-ups help us remember to focus on healthy, homemade lunches and not fast food. Audrey and her sister have started going to a day care facility three days a week so lunches are a necessity. If I do not pack lunches for the girls it cost $3 per child for the place to provide them. That is $6 a day! And I have no idea what type of meal they are getting. If we make the lunches at home I can be certain of what foods are offered and try to make them appetizing. Audrey has been a big help when it comes to helping with lunch. She cuts the fruits, fills the containers and I get her the supplies. She also likes to help cut sandwiches into cute shapes. They taste better that way. Here is a lunch from last week:


  1. Very cute! I need to be more creative for my son.

  2. I take my inspiration from others. I have added a few links to the post to show some of the sites I get my inspiration from.

  3. super cute.
    I always pack my girls some sort of snack or lunch too before thy go visiting because who knows what my grandma, MIL, SIL and hubby would feed them if I didn't.

  4. It's cute and healthy lunch pack! Keep it up! I like to see more. :) By the way have you tried using the stainless steel tiffin container? If not, you should try it because it's really cool, safe to use, affordable, as well as durable. It also has 100% BPA free unlike plastic wares, it has harmful chemicals that can affect our health. As an alternative to it, the stainless steel containers are more recommended. =)


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