Monday, September 20, 2010

September 16 Read Together

Audrey has several books for children her age devoted to healthy eating habits. I let her pick her own books to read before bed and nap but sometimes I select these books to read when I feel we need a reminder. We only have a few so we are going to visit the library soon to see if we can find a couple more. When we read these books she always asks a lot of questions that are good starters for a healthy eating conversation. In the Berenstain Bears book the family has to change their eating habits like we are trying to do. And Lola is a picky eater like Audrey. The Rainbow Bunch is a group of children who see the benefits of eating a rainbow every day. She enjoys connecting with these characters. The Rainbow Bunch we got from the Today I Ate a Rainbow site.
Any recommendations for other books that help with nutrition? It is such a powerful subject right now with a lot of focus on child nutrition. We would love to benefit from any fun information out there for two (almost three!) year olds.

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