Saturday, September 18, 2010

September 11 Everyone Can Help

We had a visit from our Parents as Teachers coordinator who shared and activity about cooking with Audrey. Apparently it is an age appropriate skill to learn! She loved it. The girls (Maurene gets in the middle of everything now) helped me make a simple Trail Mix which we then divided into individual containers for them to enjoy. We got a recipe book with several fun foods and a list of ways to let your child help. I thought I would know and have tried all of the ways. Boy was I wrong! Here is a list of some great ideas on how to engage your child in the kitchen:

  • Let them tear lettuce
  • Have them help set the table
  • Provide a few unbreakable items for them to wash
  • Let them rinse fruits and vegetables
  • Have them stir
  • With a butter knife have them cut soft foods
  • Let them pour

After our visit I asked Audrey if she wanted to help me unload and load the dishwasher and I got a positive response! It was not in any way helpful but she did have fun. This continues to cement a positive relationship with cooking. And if she feels good about cooking good, healthy foods now there is a significant chance she will continue. There is a fun looking recipe for Shake it up Pudding that we are going to try soon.

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