Thursday, September 2, 2010

August 22 Bread Sticks

Audrey is fascinated with the food processor. She turns it on and then laughs maniacally while it whirs our food around. To feed her obsession I decided to let her make bread sticks to go with our spaghetti dinner. We used our usual pizza dough recipe and added Italian herbs. After letting the dough rise we rolled the sticks and placed them on a baking sheet. We let them rise a little bit longer and then baked them! They were good. But don't forget to add garlic salt. Italian bread sticks taste better with a little garlic salt. The girls would not stop for a decent photo so this is the best I could get. It may look like Maurene is helping but really she is a dough thief.


  1. Hahha! I thought, 'So cute that the little one is helping!' then I read, 'She is really a dough thief.' Made me laugh!

  2. I thought she was helping have such cute kids!


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