Friday, August 27, 2010

Tip of the Day August 17

Another simple baking fix with a mix! We used a Jiffy cornbread mix and jazzed it up with shredded cheese. It was going to be dessert at first until The girls spied the cheese when I was looking for fruit to add. Cornbread is a great batter to add flavors to. It goes well with sweet and savory additions and tastes different with each combination. So next time you are at the store pick up a box of this versatile mix. Maurene wanted to help as well.


  1. I have that same step stool in my kitchen. My little girl stands on it and helps, too. What fun times these are when we can incorporate a love of cooking in our little ones.

  2. Such cute kitchen helpers!!

    Yeah, I have that stool, too. It frequently comes with me on photo shoots!! I'm a shorty! HAH!!

    I found you in Red's Community on Blog Frog. I have 3 different blogs. So if any sound of interest, I'd love if you stopped by. ;D
    My main one where I just BLOG:
    My Photography one:
    And my recipe/kitchen adverntures (probably the most neglected):

  3. I love that idea of adding chesse to cornbread. And BTW, your little kitchen helpers are just adorable. It's so fun when they start helping in the kitchen at such an early age.


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