Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tip of the Day August 15

There is a new cooking magazine for children called Chop Chop. It put together by a non-profit and is wonderful. We were lucky enough to hear about it in time for the first issue and ended up making several items. One of the best was the Applicious Oat Bars. They were so good Audrey's daddy ended up eating half the pan in two days. That is not uncommon for apple desserts with him. Back to the magazine. They are coming out with the second issue soon and I recommend you get a subscription. You will not regret it. You can keep up with them on their website, Twitter, and Facebook. When I got Audrey's subscription it was only $10 and now it is up to $15. Hurry!
Be sure to enter our Curious Chef Pizza Party giveaway! It ends soon and has low entries!

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  1. My daughter is a bit older than yours, she's 11 and she started wanting to help in the kitchen at about the age of 2. I love to cook and she adores baking so we make a great team.

    I'm on my way to check out this website now, thanks so much for sharing.


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