Sunday, August 22, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday August 23

Today is a special edition of Muffin Tin Monday as we are practicing Eating a Rainbow. (We did not follow the theme, sorry!) Audrey and I went to the store with our rainbow chart and selected items to match all of the colors of the rainbow. She selected all fruit this time so we will have to work a few more vegetables in next time. When the meal was finished she moved the magnets to her chart that represent the colors she ate. This was a great deal of fun for both of us. It also gave me a very good idea of what the girls consumed in the way of fruit and vegetable servings. This helps me know when I am offering enough good, healthy foods to the girls to allow them to make positive food choices. We would not typically try to consume the entire rainbow in one meal but we are going to be traveling the rest of the day and I wanted to try to get as much nutrition in as possible before the lure of fast food hits the weary parents.

In addition to the beautiful chart and matching magnets there is also a book about children who eat poorly and how that impacts their health. By the end of the short story they are making good choices and feel better. We have read the book several times and Audrey is starting to talk about eating good foods. She would still love to eat nothing but cupcakes but she is starting to try food more now that she is a part of the process. I highly recommend looking into the Today I Ate a Rainbow website and seeing how you can encourage your child to make better choices.
Don't forget to enter our Curious Chef Pizza Party Giveaway, it ends soon (and there are very few entries!) These are cell phone photos so they are not the best quality. My camera eluded me for several hours.

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth


  1. There was a rainbow theme a while back I think, I did it too, though I think chocolate and cupcakes were involved...


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