Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kids Cook Mondays August 16

Audrey and I were a little short on time but I found a way to let her be involved with Kids Cook Mondays this week. I have been working a little Monday afternoons and have yet to get my meals prepared in advance so I picked up a skillet meal full of vegetables, chicken, and pasta. It still is not the healthiest of choices but I believe better than fast food or a delivery pizza. Hopefully next week I will have a crock pot meal or frozen dinner ready to go.

Audrey really wanted to help so I let her stir the meal and make toast. She enjoyed making the toast more than anything. She had to put the bread in the toaster herself and then I got out a spatula to help her spread the butter on a little easier. The only thing I helped with was getting the hot bread out of the toaster.

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