Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tip of the Day July 13

Pizza Wraps make a frequent showing on the menu in our house. Mainly because I can get the family to eat them and they are easy to  make. I am sometimes able to place a few healthy items inside such as green peppers, corn, and black beans. These are also great for using up leftover meat. Audrey likes to help put the toppings on and is getting to the stage of wanting to do the rolling of the tortilla as well. It does not matter because they taste just as good properly rolled as they do a little loose. Pair these with carrot sticks and watermelon and you have an easy summer meal.


  1. Simple healthy and easy meals for the kids during the summer is always a good idea. Wraps are always a good choice and can be made with lots of different ingredients kids love. Thanks for sharing such a great tip!

  2. OH. MY. God. We LOOOVE this recipe. I'm on weight watchers, which you'd know if we ever saw each other, and Grace and I made this the other day with light wraps, homemade pizza sauce, light cheese, steamed zuccini, & turkey pepperoni. I think one whole wrap was only 4 points! however, we made only two of them, warmed them in the microwave instead of oven, and sliced them into pinwheels because I love pinwheels. Yum! She gobbled hers down.


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