Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wonton Wrapper Cups

I got this wonderful idea from Michelle at What's Cooking. These are won ton wrappers baked into cups. Again, this is our first time with a new lunch layout so Audrey was a little skeptical. She immediately consumed all of the fruit and yogurt. After it was made clear that this was lunch she ended up eating one and a half cups of left over noodles. Here is the plate:

Mini meals.

And here she is eating. (Don't ask about the shirt, it was gone before lunch even began.):

Messy eater.

The idea works but the delivery needs work. I made the won ton cups in a mini muffin pan and they ended up being smaller than I would have liked. Also, Audrey did not like the taste of the wrapper so it was a wasted purchase. I might look into making my own dough and making it a bit tastier and a little larger so I can make the cups in regular muffin tins. I like it enough that we are going with it.


  1. Maybe you could use refrigerated roll dough or croissant dough...

  2. Cute idea...I bet making your own dough would help


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