Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Food Revolution Starts Early

Audrey finally got to prepare her simple meal for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. We picked up some free-range eggs at the farmers market yesterday.

Real Food
 I already had some local milk and butter made from cream from the same dairy. Since Audrey loves scrambled eggs, that is what we made. This was a team effort as Audrey burned herself last week and was afraid of the stove. Here she is whisking the eggs:

What a helper!

After we made the eggs we toasted some whole wheat bread and cut it with her Curious Chef Butterfly Cookie Cutter. I do not normally cut her bread but I read a few mommy websites and thought it was worth a shot. My argument against doing it was that I wanted her to like the crust as well. Before she would only eat bread with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This morning she ate two pieces of butterfly bread with fresh, local butter and a little strawberry jam. Here is the finished product:

So proud!
She was so proud and happy with the toast and eggs that she asked for more of each. Here she is devouring the eggs:

Two hands work better.
All in all a success! We want to thank Jamie Oliver for inspiring us. Please, if you have not signed his petition, click over and do so now. This is our children, our future, we are talking about.

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