Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Review: Food Processor Bread Book

This tip is for a book you may not be able to find easily. I found ours on a swap site called Paperback Swap. You sign up and trade books with other people for the cost of shipping. It is great if you have too many cookbooks you do not use and would like to pick up some you can use.

Here is the book: Food Processor Bread Book.

We usually just use the pizza dough recipe (also found in the Tightwad Gazette) but we are going to have Cottage Cheese Pan Rolls this week as well. When we get to them I will post a picture. Audrey loves to use the food processor so I am certain these will be a hit. They need to be rolled into 16 equal pieces but I have a feeling that is unlikely. However the look I am certain they will taste good as Audrey and I will make them with love.

Any book focusing on something Audrey can safely use is a good book in my kitchen. Audrey loves to shove items in the processor and watch as they are chopped up. She likes the sound of the machine and that it can shred cheese.

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