Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tip of the Day March 27

I found this Daily Buzz about ramekins on Foodbuzz and wanted to share. We use the idea of individual servings a lot with Audrey and she loves it. It makes children feel special to see a small meal made just their size. Usually I will half a recipe and cook everyone a single serving. This is easy to do on because they have a tool to adjust the serving size. Also, you do not have to purchase special ramekins, most ceramic mugs are oven safe (as long as you are not using the broiler.)


  1. This is true. My kiddos eat better if the portions are their size... and on their size plate. They each have one of those cafeteria style plates with divided sections. But smaller and brightly colored. Only $1 at Walmart and they each feel special because they each have their own. Making the food different shapes or different colors works too!


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