Friday, March 5, 2010

No recipe

So I am a bad mom. I left the cookbook for tomorrow's dinner at Audrey's grandparent's house. The reason I mention this is I realized tonight I had yet to post the recipe and went to do so. No book. Tomorrow when we are out I will retrieve it and try to get the recipe posted before dinner. If not you will simply have to wait. Audrey and I are thinking about heading to Kansas City tomorrow to look at some interesting cooking utensils. We have had a hard time find appropriate items locally and it may be just the day for it. Today we went on a hunt for an egg beater and struck out. Apparently no one beats eggs (or anything else) by hand anymore. I thought it would be fun for Audrey to learn to do more than push a button on the stand mixer. If anyone has ideas about where I can locate a nice egg beater please let me know. If we are successful in our hunt tomorrow we will be sure to post a review.

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