Monday, March 15, 2010

Bread in a Bag - Tips

This did not really go as planned. Fortunately Audrey's daddy was home to help with crying little sister and distraction when the bread started to ooze out the bottom of the bag. When you read the recipe and see that they call for a heavy-duty ziplock bag, they mean it. I did not happen to have any around and did not realize that until the moment of truth. We ended up trying the recipe with a cheap bag from the dollar store. I would never recommend this. Also, the recipe makes a normal size loaf so there was a lot of kneading and mixing. When I completed a project like this with a preK class they baked up mini loaves. If we do this again I will half the recipe. From the pictures you can see that Audrey enjoyed kneading. So much so that she ended up laying on the bag. I am not going to post the usual who did what because we both did it all and *almost* failed. And I ended up making the butter. Audrey did a few shakes but was not much interested. She had her bread for lunch today with peanut butter and jelly. She did enjoy it.

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