Saturday, January 16, 2010

Still cooking

Audrey is still at but her mother has been too busy to post for her.

Wednesday night she made fluffy eggs for her mom and friends Kalli and Grace. Audrey enjoyed cracking the eggs and her mom was the only one to get a (small) shell in her food. Audrey is not very good at cracking but she is practicing.

Thursday brought a half-birthday celebration for Audrey's little sister Maurene. A few friends came over and Audrey made homemade pizza crusts for them. Everyone was able to fix pizza the way they like and eat a whole pizza by themselves. Audrey likes cheese and mushrooms on her pizza.

Friday was Audrey's tumbling class and she requested yogurt before class. She must have been too excited to cook. Hopefully she will feel up to cooking tonight because her mother enjoys the time together.

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